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4.0 ( 8560 ratings )
開発者 kaitlyn barker

iStarve is an app for the type of person that gets sick of the same old food when you go out to eat, but trying something new is scary. iStarve uses your location, with your permission, of course, to find restaurants near you. You are also able to filter which types of food you are interested in having. With iStarve you can see what the average rating the restaurant has as well as how many people have voted on it. By tapping on the map button in the restaurants detail screen, itll take you to your phones map app to give you directions on how to get there. Enjoy your new adventures.

This app does need to have your a-okay to check on your location. The main feature here is that it looks at the restaurants nearby and it cant do that without knowledge of where you are. And the rest of the app relies on that as well.